2015 Season

The 2014 Season has come and gone without any updates as I had to let my website sit for a year due to so many personal changes last year.  This year is looking to be another fantastic one for me.  Last year I fished Renegade with Paolo Chiuchiarelli and had a blast despite falling just short of making the Classic.  We both enjoyed the season but realized how hard it is to plan events and travel when coming from two different locations as he is in Barhaven and I am still in Renfrew.  This year he is competing with another friend while I have rejoined with a longtime friend from Renfrew and the man responsible for starting my bass fishing addiction Rob Yantha.  If the Early Bird Draw, which passed on Thurs. Dec. 18, is any indication this will be a fantastic year for both the club and all its members.  As a result of our participation in several optional opportunities such as the Pro Am and AGM we benefited from extra opportunities to draw a better number for blast off.  On our last ball they pulled Team Number 1 meaning we are first in line to blast off at each event.  If this wasn't enough good news I have been given an opportunity to help the guys at Goldwing Automotive.  I had been using a few of the products they sell in the truck and the experiences so far have been excellent.  I love the look, feel and wear of the truck tires they recommend...the headers and exhaust totally changed the sound and performance of my truck at a fraction of factory prices.  This year I also upgraded all my trailer tires and am ready to log some serious miles again. .  This year I have committed to do more with this site as well as the work I am doing with Renegade,  Quantum, Goldwing, Gourley's and others but to do so I really could use some feedback on what you would like to see.  In the works right now are some informational videos on rod and reel cleanup and storage for the off-season.  As I am able to try new products I'd also like to do quick reviews  and as always I hope to put up some new pictures and more.  Let me know by e-mail, facebook or phone what you would like to see here.

Thanks and all the best.


Thanks to the following:

Keith Gourley of Gourley's Variety and Sporting Goods     613-432-5093

Troy Warren of Cranked Up Motorsports                                 613-629-7433

Todd Horton of Upper Canada Sports

Joe Leclaire of M & R Feeds                                                          613-432-8886

Carmen Hempstock of Hard Cord Firewood                           613-433-3247


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